Teon Gibbs

5.12.2018 / Live at The Black Box Theatre


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The urban Hustle

"I Sat down with Teon Gibbs, and got to learn a bit about his passions in life and his musical endeavours. He talks about the struggle for new artists trying to find collaborative elements in the city and wanting to build a mentorship program in the future to help musicians. Teon shares with us some of his struggles as well as many of his successes, such as his EP series, These Are The Times and his breakoff project, For The Soul."

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HipHop Canada

“These Are The Times. is a snap shot of pop culture, the sounds of contemporary hip-hop and R&B in 2017 and 2018, but I wanted to put my own twist on it. Show that you can approach the same kind of instrumentals but put a little more care into the lyrics..."

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Open PR

"Teon Gibbs with his new release “Spanish Banks” proves his mastery on Rhythm& Blues music. The track is blended with the core elements of soul yet has the zest of hip hop infused with trippy trap vibes."

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"Teon Gibbs is a rapper causing a stir in the 604. The BC local spent 2017 crafting a decent following and refining his sound, not to say his previous releases didn't slap but there is a clearer picture as to what lane this rising talent wants to steer in."

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What the Hype

"Listening to the song you can quickly identify that both Teon & Shonslo have an appreciation for songwriting as they manage to keep you engaged throughout the track, all the while actually building tension as the song progresses."

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issue wire

"If you are inclined towards R&B music – you must, without any doubt, listen to the amazing song – ‘Late Night’. The song has a musical and clever concept that offers the perfect balance between R&B and Soul."

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